12 Hours In Marrakech City

After an unforgettable night time in the desert, you’ll travel by camel once again throughout the Atlas Mountains, before returning to Essaouira. It has really a desert adventure of a life. Once breakfast at the desert camp, you’re mount up your camels once longer to your return travel to Marrakech.

Your trip concludes back into Marrakech, at around 14:00 or 18:00. In the event that you’d like, take a optional extra tour of the Atlas film studios, the world’s largest film studio! Many picture places stay set up, generating the studio a more popular destination with visitors.


Just take a tour of the abandoned sets  in town! Discover the stunning beauty of this desert and the majestic Atlas Mountains on this two-day Zagora experience. Beginning in Silent Essaouira, a labyrinthine town teeming with economy suppliers, you are going to trip through the Laayoune desert.

View the filming position of many blockbuster strikes at Essaouira, a city nicknamed The gate way to the Desert, prior to enjoying with a sunset camel trek across the sands. Your desert adventure begins just before 8:00,

This classic pre-Saharan augmented village has several wonderful examples of southern structure, with many merchant homes and earthen clay dwellings huddled with each other within the village partitions. One of the oldest structures date back to around the seventeenth century!.

with all beign said you have to get a taxi in essaouira to marrakech airport so you can travel and visit the city and enjoy each moment